Pastors Guthrie and Jennifer Boyd

Welcome to the Gisborne Assembly of God

We are a multi-ethnic Community of Believers who are united in Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit. Recently during our worship time the scriptures were read in 14 different languages as we praised the Lord for His faithfulness and goodness.

The multi-generational aspect of our faith community is also highly valued. Young families enjoy participating together in worship along side our more senior members, many of whom have served the Lord for years bringing wisdom and maturity to our church family.

When you join us, you will discover that we have a passion for the whole Word of God, prayer, worship and souls being born into the Kingdom of God and discipled.


In the beginning 


And now

The Gisborne Assembly began back in the mid 70’s when Pastor John Ashton of Hawera, prompted by a prophetic word came to establish a church in the East of New Zealand. The Church began as a house group and grew very quickly to be one of the largest Pentecostal Churches on the East Coast. In the late 1980’s the pastoral position was taken up by Pastor Kem Price and later in the 1990’s Pastor Gary Stevenson.

Presently, the church is pastored by Guthrie and Jennifer Boyd who accepted this role in August of 2011. The Boyd’s come with 30 years of ministry experience in New Zealand, USA, Turkey, Israel, Pacific Islands, Singapore, Indonesia, Bulgaria and Africa


Gisborne has the distinction of being the furthest city in the world from Jerusalem. Some 16,568 kilometres from the City of the Great King.  As the Bible is written from the geographical context of Israel and the Middle East we consider ourselves to be, as the Bible puts it, at “the ends of the earth”.

During the year we celebrate the Feasts of the Lord as they reveal the works and prophetic purposes of God in Jesus, the Messiah.