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Money: Thoughts for God's Stewards

Andrew Murray 

"In all our religion and our Bible study, it is of the greatest consequence to find out what the mind of Christ is, to think as He thought, and  to feel just as He felt. There is not a question that concerns us, not a single matter that ever comes before us, but we find in the words of Christ something for our guidance and help. We want today to get at the mind of Christ about Money; to know exactly what He thought, and then to think and act just as He would do. This is not an easy thing. We are so under the influence of the world around us, that the fear of becoming utterly unpractical if we thought and acted just like Christ, easily comes upon us. Let us not be afraid; if we really desire to find out what is His mind, He will guide us to what He wants us to think and do. Only be honest in the thought: I want to have Christ teach me how to possess and how to use my money." 

Christianity on the Coast

This E-Book has been produced to commemorate the 200th Anniversary of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into New Zealand.

First preached by Samuel Marsden in 1814 in the Bay of Islands and the subsequent development of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the Tairawhiti/Gisborne District by Rev Bishop William Williams and Rev William Yate.