This Past Week

This week Jennifer and I attended the New Zealand Assembly of God Pastor’s Conference and 62nd General Council in New Plymouth. The theme was “Looking unto Jesus” and was a very inspirational and God glorifying week. There were about 500 Pastors and leaders from across the nation. I am able to report that we now have 280 churches in N.Z. and 70 missionaries across the nations.

Theconference speakers came from two very different worlds. Pastor Michael Dissanayeke comes from Sri Lanka and is the General Superintendent of the Sri Lankan Assemblies of God.This is a nation that has faced internal warfare for the past 30 years. Pastor Michael shared with us the heartbreak and joy of planting churches amidst great opposition, seeing Jesus triumphant in all things with many, many people coming to the saving knowledge of our Lord Jesus and through prayer seeing hundreds of churches planted across the nation. Pastor Michael brought a prophetic word for N.Z. which will be on the church website in the next few days. He remembers coming to Gisborne some 15 years ago and identified us as part of the prophetic word. We hope he will be visiting with us some time in 2016.

Our other speaker was Dr. Sam Chand. Originally born in India, Dr Sam has lived in the U.S.A. for the past 40 years. He is an excellent communicator and spoke onleadership development. Everyone enjoyed his amazing humour and stories which always finished with a powerful challenge.