Feast of Tabernacles

This week we are celebrating The Feast of Tabernacles. A time when the Lord encourages His people to get together to feast and fellowship and enjoy His presence in their lives. We are encouraged by how many have signed up to “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner” and pray you all enjoy a great meal and wonderful time of fellowship together. 

As we celebrate this “Appointed Time” let us remember that this Festival has a prophetic dimension awaiting fulfilment. As a “Time of Ingathering of the Harvest”, Tabernacles prefigures the gathering together of God’s people in the days of the Lord’s reign on earth. 

Isaiah 27:12-13, Jeremiah 23:7-8

The Bible makes it clear that all the nations of the earth that survive the Great Tribulation will
come together in Jerusalem to worship the Lord during the Feast of Tabernacles.

Zechariah 14:16-17

Jesus Christ our Messiah did indeed come to Tabernacles with us in order to cleanse us from our sin and redeem us to Himself. 

John 1:14

Jesus told the disciples that the ‘fields were white for the harvest” in John 4:35, He challenges them with a Jewish proverb. 

There are still four months, then comes the harvest.

The idea being there is no particular hurry for the task because these things take time. Jesus wanted us to think and act as if the harvest was ready now. The harvest is indeed ready and is being brought in across the nations. The harvest is ready and the wages are ready to be paid. Let no man hang back. The harvest will not wait. That is the message He brings us in His word. 

Just as we celebrate Tabernacles and we thank the Lord for the harvest of souls thus far but let us continue on knowing that the days are short. This season is a great reminder of our task and what the future holds. May you all be very blessed today.

Pastors Guthrie & Jennifer.